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October 9, 2008

Exploring Social Media (Comment on Chris Brogan’s “50 Applications and Sites to Consider”)

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Since we are learning the odds and ends of social media in class, this post by Chris Brogan: 50 Applications and Sites to Consider is perfect for getting an idea of what exactly is out there in the blogosphere.

In this post (before he begins listing sites) I noticed that fact that Chris Brogan has an account on each of these sites, even though he might not use it; this echoes the advice of Dr. V in class: if you are looking to work in PR, even if you don’t use all of these Web sites, you at least need to stay on top of what’s out there.

Comments on the 50 Applications & Sites List:

  • For free blogging and hosting Blogger seems cool. Just from taking a quick look at it, it seems to be very educational. For example the first thing you see on the home page is the question: What is a blog?(Maybe if we had used this in class, Dr. V wouldn’t have had to do so many tutorials on her class blog. It explains very clearly what blogging is and several terms related to blogging as well).
    • After looking at all of the blogging sites listed, they all focus on how easy it is to create a blog. Especially Tumblr which highlights the words: “Sign up in 10 seconds”. 🙂
  • For microblogging BrightKite looks cool. Its theme as a Web site really focuses on community and meeting friends. Instead of saying “Join Now” like many other sites do, it uses the phrase “Get an invite”.
    • Friendfeed has this same appeal to community and meeting friends (hence the name Friendfeed), but I don’t like the design on the home page. It does not make me want to be a part of this community…
    • looks cool too. It seems to keep it simple. I like the tag feature it uses. You can read recent posts on particular topics by selecting a tag.
    • Learned something new about microblogging while on Jaiku – the short posts that people type on these microblogging sites about what they are doing or whatever are called activity streams. (Didn’t know that). Something funny on Jaiku: while I was looking at the map feature a woman said: I still wish Jaiku was as nice as Twitter.
    • Posterous looks very interesting – different from the others. I might have to explore this one a little further. It again stresses the ease of creating an account (it crosses out the words “Create an account”).
  • As far as bookmarking sites go: Ma.gnolia has a list of tutorials to watch (I could appreciate that) to get to know the site.  StumbleUpon makes me want to try out one of these bookmarking sites for sure (great name, too 🙂 )
  • Social media news sites: After browsing over these, I see that they are worth being acquainted with- these appear to come in with the listening factor that so many class guests and other people talk about when they discuss how to be a part of this online world. Digg, Mixx – I’m definitely coming back to these sites.

Basically, this is a great post just to start getting an idea of what exists online. Most of these sites focus on how simple it is to get started and on becoming a part of a community. Some of them go on to teach you what the site does and how to use it (which is very helpful). I’m just getting started on exploring this list of 50 – which will probably lead to learning about more 🙂


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