Cara Mitchell

September 23, 2008

Ch. 9- Communication: The Tactics of Public Relations

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  • Tactics are specific recommended actions designed to help an organization achieve objectives in a public relations plan.
  • Available channels for tactics are special events, controlled media (newsletters, speeches, brochures), or uncontrolled media (TV, newspapers, radio)
  • In order for a public relations tactic to be successful it must target 1 public at a time, be based on research, send a clear message, and be evaluated as it is being carried out.
  • Traditional publics that an organization might have to communicate with are employees, news media, investors, community groups, governments, customers, and voters. There are different tactics that work best for or are preferred by each of these publics.
  • Accomplishing tactics is the third phase of the PR process (it follows research and planning). *Values-> Mission Statement-> Goals-> Objectives-> TACTICS*

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