Cara Mitchell

October 2, 2008

Insight from PRinciples Class Guest Speaker @pistachio

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I just learned so much in this class about the power of social networking! I almost feel like knowledge overload has taken place. We live-twittered in class, so I not only learned from my professor, but from other classmates who were twittering, and from @pistachio who spoke to our class via Skype. @pistachio- (Laura Fitton) who we learned is referred to as the “Twitter Queen” told us about how she learned how to use her voice online and how she got to where she is today (she is an expert microblogger and communications consultant who teaches her clients how to incorporate social media into their interactions). Today I learned that if someone can learn to use their voice the right way, then their voice can be louder and more influential than that of a large corporation.

More noteworthy points: @pistachio also talked to us about the best ways to use social media networks like twitter . One thing that stuck out to me on this topic was that if you are using a social network for business purposes, don’t always focus on promoting, but use that human voice that everyone has to relate to others. She shared her thoughts about how newspaper columnists’ jobs will change drastically in the future- in ways that we cannot even imagine- possibly to columns that are actually online communities.

Main Lesson: The overall theme of what I learned in from our speaker today in class and from our last reading of the Cluetrain Manifesto is not to fall into the cycle of continuing to build the “golden wall” that separates organizations from publics, but just be genuine in making those connections with others – regardless of what channel of communication is being used. It sounds like a simple lesson, but it also appears to be one that has been forgotten.


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