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March 25, 2009

Comment on “Blogging=Backstage Pass”

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I comment on Ashely Hall’s post “Blogging=Backstage Pass” where she talks about how Charleston Magazine is covering Charleston Fashion Week event’s with the creative director and  models blogging about everything going on behind the scenes. So, read Ashley’s post, the concept of blogging as the new backstage pass is fascinating.


November 11, 2008

A Perfect Blend

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This semester my professor (Dr. V) introduced me to the blogosphere for pretty much the first time. Yes, I knew what blogging was and yes, I had read a few posts before, but this semester is the first time I’ve learned about how to blog, what makes a good blog, and about the power of blogging.

When learning about how to blog one of the first things my professor and other in-class guest speakers suggested was: READ. We learned that a crucial part of being a blogger is reading. You must know what’s out there and what other bloggers are talking about on a topic. You must know who has valuable info to bring to the table. Reading may be more important than actually writing a blog when trying to become a part of the world of blogging.

This first step of reading has been hard for me to get into. So many blogs that my professor has suggested are so useful. They are full of information and issues that I should know about and understand, but BeingCheryl offers a perfect blend of useful information and a style of writing that keeps the reader scrolling.

A few things I’m learning and that I appreciate about the BeingCheryl blog:

  • Honesty: In class we’ve learned about developing our writing style and about being honest and true to who we are while writing. This concept is at work in this blog. The [brutal] honesty used in this blog works 🙂 . For example, I was reading the blog and talking to my roommates at the same time about how I didn’t want to pay $1200 for an internship class this summer at Clemson. I’d just said that I’d rather do an internship during the fall, but I felt like I didn’t have time…When I looked down at BeingCheryl’s post on Career Building for College students in the section about “Fitting it into Your Schedule” my excuses about this matter were confronted with the truth- I do have time…I just need to manage my time better.
  • Humanity: This blog definitely has the ‘human feel’ that we are always discussing in class. Don’t fill up your blog with jargon, technical language, and big words that mean nothing- just be human and be yourself. Everyone can’t ‘BeCheryl’ but everyone does have their own voice, so from this I learn how much being yourself adds to your blog. Being yourself is what makes you different from everyone else and it can be the difference in what makes your blog the one to read.
  • Helpful: Write about things that are helpful. What have I learned that will help out someone who might be reading my blog? BeingCheryl discusses things that are helpful to readers.

Lesson: The 3 H’s of blogging from BeingCheryl–> Be honest. Be human. Be helpful. These are things that I’ve learned after thinking about what it is that makes BeingCheryl a must read!

The blog includes topics that are relevant to me as a student and someone interested in learning about PR AND it is fun to read. I have to say that it is definitely one of a kind…so check it out!

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