Cara Mitchell

April 2, 2009

Comment on “Message still matters more than method…or math” by Tiffany Sellers

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I comment on “Message still matters more than method…or math” by Tiffany Sellers. Even though Tiffany isn’t in our PR class this semester, she is right in line with what we are learning with this post. It sums up much of what we discussed in class on yesterday about Twitter as a PR Tool.

In our discussion of Twitter as a PR Tool, we learned all about:

-how to determine whether or not a company should be on Twitter

-the importance of goals for Twitter use for a company

-how to use Twitter strategically based on publics and goals: how to get started, and what to tweet about/how to handle certain comments

Prior to this class, our assignment was to research various brands on Twitter to see how some companies use the site.  This allowed us to see how companies are currently using Twitter and to see what goes into making the most of Twitter for particular companies and what constitutes poor use of Twitter.

In response to Tiffany’s realization that the message still matters more than the method…or the math, I agree. And, I believe that it will always be the message that matters the most, regarldess of how many bells and whistles are developed, and in this case how many “tweeps” are following you – your message is ultimately the most important.


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