Cara Mitchell

December 3, 2008

Walgreen’s TakeCare Health Tour- Excellent PR

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I saw a commercial for Walgreens TakeCare health tour that lead me to the website.

What is the heatlh tour? Basically, Walgreens is putting nurses and health-care-savvy experts on a bus and doing a 300-city tour in the US and Puerto Rico where they offer free screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density, glucose levels, waist circumference and body mass index. The idea is to increase health awareness in communities and offer possible early detection of diseases and health issues for anyone who comes.

As far as PR goes: First of all, the way that the commercial showed the website: ‘’ is an example of excellent PR because it proves that research is going on. This code automatically takes viewers to the TakeCare site and it provides PR people a way to track how many people came to the Web site as a result of seeing the commercial on TV.

Another reason why this is excellent PR: Walgreens launched their TakeCare health clinics in select stores a few years ago. Other pharmacies like CVS have started similar programs recently as well like MinuteClinic. This TakeCare bus tour is also giving the Walgreens in-store clinics a leg up on the competition by the relationships it’s creating beyond its customers.

This campaign shows customers and members of the community that Walgreens cares about them. The services Walgreens is offering on the one-year tour are worth about $115 (according to the website). Although the ultimate goal of Walgreens is to gain customers, this is a good way to build relationships with the community and potential customers at the same time.


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