Cara Mitchell

October 2, 2008

Cluetrain Manifesto- key points

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95 Theses & Ch. 1 of Cluetrain Manifesto

  • The current ways that companies function in their business to business relations, customer relations, community relations, and employee relations must shift and adjust to thrive in this new networked market.
  • The old ways of doing things are becoming inefficient (ie: relying on brand loyalty). Markets these days won’t settle for the usual- they want to be active in the organizations’ inner conversations. For example, community involvement is crucial; without it companies will not be able to relate the market and will have no “human voice”.
  • “Just as GM mistook the Hondas and VWs for a passing fad, most corporations today are totally misreading this invasion from Webspace”. This idea is HUGE in CM. This addresses the issue of organizations being unaware of how big of a deal the Net can become in their careers.
  • CM discusses the way that the principles of scientific management are at work under the surface in organizations today. Basically, managers and CEOs don’t truly trust their employees enough to be creative, innovative, or to interact with their customers and one another without so many rules, stipulations, or surveillance.
  • A lot of the rules, jargon, and big word that corporations now view as standard and normal are what is building a wall between them their publics (employees, customers, community members, other businesses). This speaks to the question that the CM asks: what if you build an intranet and no one comes? From this perspective, it seems as if the main point of these intranets and organizations using the internet (connecting with publics) are being overlooked and forgotten.

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