Cara Mitchell

September 18, 2008

Ch. 8- Planning: The Strategies of PR

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  • All PR plans should be values-driven. (This is the major point that this chapter seeks to drive home).
  • Every goal, objective, strategy should be consistent with the organization’s values and mission statement. Highlighting an organization’s mission statement and values can show management that a certain issue exists and if the organization’s mission is used while planning – all actions can be justified and explained.
  • There are three different kinds of PR plans: Ad Hoc plans (for this purpose only), Standing plans (long-term), and Contingency plans (used for what-if scenarios).
  • Each stage of planning should support the goals for that plan.

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  1. Great post, your link with strategy and PR is of greater relevence today in the CSR debate than any other time. Organisations need to integrate their PURPOSE (Why we are here.) with their VALUES (What do we hold dear to us as an organisation), BEHAVIOURAL STANDARDS (How do we conduct our business) and STRATEGY (How do we compete constrained by our purpose and values). In this new era of organisational strategic change many organisations will fail because they systematically failed to appreciate the interrelatedness of Strategy and PR…

    Comment by lloydon — May 17, 2009 @ 4:45 pm |Reply

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